Junior Cert General Study

 Chosen General Study (20 Marks)
All candidates must undertake a very general and musically illustrated study of the following topics:
(a) Music which is commonly used and frequently heard in
regular day-to-day experiences e.g. liturgical and ritual
music, music designed and used for advertising and
marketing, nussic in the workplace (worksongs), in play
(skipping songs etc. ), the uses of music in restaurants and
supermarkets, as an acccmpaniment to physical exercises or as
lullabies etc. leading towards an awareness of the
differences between functional music and that produced for
its own sake;
(b) Less obvious music frcm early times i.e. medieval and
Renaissance music;
(c) Less obvious music frcm other places i.e. ethnic music
other than Irish;
(d) Art music in modern times;
(e) Worthwhile musical genres in the popular tradition,
including jazz.
Day to Day Music:
TV Theme Tunes.
 Watch the opening seqence to The Simpsons, by Danny Elfman. And answer the following questions:
  1. What 'angelic'  sounding instrument can be heard at the very start?
  2. List the sounds that  you hear throughout the sequence.
  3. What instrument does Lisa play and what style does she play in?


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