Junior Cert choice songs

Category:  Irish folk Song  

Sinéad O'Connor:  She moved thru the fair

Features: free rhythm/triplet rhythm

Category: Folk Songs from Other Countries

Simon and Garfunkel:  Scarborough Fair

Features:  raised 6th/ lah mode

Category:  Historical and Modern Day Ballads

The Dubliners:  Fields of Athenry:  Written by Pete St. John

Features:  upbeat/ syncopation in melody

Category:  Pop songs, Negro Spirituals, Jazz and Blues

Michael Bublé:  Cry Me a River

Features:  blues notes (flattened 7th), syncopation

Category: Operas, operettas, oratorios, stage musicals

Castle on a Cloud: From Les Misérables

By Boublil and Schonberg

Features:  changing time signatures/ lah mode

Category:  Art Song

The Elfking by Schubert

Performed by Ian Bostridge

Based on the Danish Legend of the Elfking
19th Century Art Song
 Minor Key
Rapidly played notes on the piano to represent the galloping horse through the woods.

Category:  Church Music and Carols

Ave Verum:  Mozart

Features:  4/4 time/ SATB chorus

Category:  2 part songs/ canons/ostinati

Song Type:  Quadlibet (Mash Up)

Title:  singin' in the Rain/Umbrella

Performed by cast of Glee

Polyphonic texture in the chorus.  2 melodies being sung at the same time.
Syncopation in melody

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