Junior Cert choice works

Category:  Illustrative and Film Music

Title: Gabriel's Oboe from the movie 'The Mission'

Composer:  Ennio Morricone


  • Melody on oboe
  • AA1 form


Title:  Theme from Star Wars

Composer:  John Williams


Trumpet Fanfares
Changes in tonality and mood
Dynamic Changes

The composer wishes to illustrate the main characters/story through this piece.  

fanfares = triumph,  change to minor key and march rhythm = imperial army and Darth Vader (dark/evil characters)
Lyrical melody = luke skywalker...hero of the movie

Category:  Dance Movements

Title:  'Sabre Dance' From Gayaneh Suite (Ballet) 

Composer:  Khatchaturian


  • Use of Percussion (snare drum, tambourine, cymbal).
  •  syncopation

Category:  Theme and Variations in the Irish, Jazz or Classical Repetoire

Piece:  Take Five

Composer:  Dave Brubeck

Performed by:  The Dave Brubeck Quartet


  • Syncopation
  • 5/4 time
  • Improvisation on tune on saxaphone
  • Drum 'break'
  • A break is a solo jazz improvisation

Category:  Overtures, Preludes and Intermezzi

 Piece:  Overture to the Opera 'The Barber of Seville'

Composer:  Rossini

An overture is piece of music heard before the curtain goes up.  It gives the audience a taste of the music that will follow in the opera or stage musical.


  • Dramatic chords at the start
  • Major and minor tonality
  • Changes in dynamics


Category:  Movements from Classical Symphonies, Symphonic Suites and Orchestral works

 Piece: Movement I from Symphony No. 5 in C Minor

Composer:  Beethoven


  • ABA Form (Sonata Form)
  • Dramatic changes in dynamics
  • Minor and Major tonality

This video gives a better view of the orchestra


Category:   Orchestrally Accompanied Instrumental and Vocal Music

Piece:  If I Can Dream

Performer:  Elvis Presley (with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

Composer:  Walter Earl Brown


Key Change
Large Orchestra and Backing Vocals
Crescendo at the end of the piece

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